Professionals are appreciated in every activity, that’s not a secret. They are interesting to work with, to talk with or to get some help or advice. But very often we meet the inverse, which is an unprofessional attitude to person’s own job. Negative emotions are part of our life. We have to treat everything philosophically, because we can’t cope with all the problems in the world. We just should be regardful in those situations and not narrow everything down to conflicts, aggression. Be wiser. Everything goes to one thing — attitude to your occupation.
You should regard your job in such way, so that everyone else is happy to communicate, to co-operate with you, to trust you and not to resent others. We have to do everything well because in the bad way everything happens itself. If we look at professional attitude to basketball job, we have to spot the participants of the game in toto. Definitely: coaches, referees, players, team staff and competition managers. Only professional execution of your job can give you a chance to receive back a good mark.
We are interested in referees’ work, so professional attitude is a guaranty of perfectly officiated game. There is no need in every one of loving you at every moment of game, but it is necessary to be comprehensible in your decisions. Just realize that one game, seminar or clinic won’t make you a professional. You become a professional from the beginning of job choice, from the first steps.
Basketball Federation won’t make you a professional either. It can offer you some standards that you have to rely on in your occupation, studying and perfection. Nobody will do anything for you. Everything depends on you. You choose the destiny and career. Everything you have reached in preparation will be shown during official games. That’s why you have to work today better than yesterday. This statement fairly reflects the core and attitude to activity of any person, who wants to reach the objective.