Each and every one of us expects positive result, starting something. That’s very important. Only flabby and uninterested person won’t think about victory, success and results, everything is indifferent for him. But this type of people is not interesting to work and live with because living without hunger for success is small- minded people’s portion. Not much of us can admit living without a goal, because everyone has it. We regard purpose as important if it leads to positive, progress, success, development, quintessence of ourselves and our work. Hopefully this goal will be strategic.
Our strategic goals consist of many small tactic goals. It’s like a house of bricks: if some of bricks are bad then the whole building is going to be unstable. The same exists in our everyday life. Without small but very important goals we can’t reach something huge, forcing everything. We can’t solve any big problem in that way, otherwise we are going to break down under problems’ and stresses’ pressure. Probably you took the wrong height. You haven’t considered previous mistakes, you have forced some steps, had an overconfidence, you haven’t listened to your colleagues, have paid not enough attention to trifles, and have forgotten all good things that others had done to you. Nothing comes in a trackless way. There are no trifles in professional activity. Even insignificant action or phrase, like everything else, has its price.
Fixing up our tasks, we can’t successfully move on without believing in ourselves. It is very important to divide believing in yourself and self-confidence. Self-confidence has never given positive strategic and tactic results. “Moment of truth” is always going to come, and any person is going to get what he deserves.
How can we leave those negative moments behind and not be overconfident? The answer is inside of each of us. We have to always look critically at ourselves and our work, to analyze, why failures come and when we reach success. Belief in yourself, yet systematic step-by-step work, your activity analysis, positive perception of constructive criticism from everywhere are the things that give everyone of us a chance to reach perfection as individuality or professional.
Belief in yourself – it opens to us a wide range of ways to reach our goals, to answer professional and everyday life questions, and lets us courageously take risks in making decisions. We say: “Risk is always justifiable”. So do something, right after your brains let you do that.
Belief in yourself will stay behind your success at that moment. But you can’t have belief at once. It comes after a colossal labor, experience. You have to get through a lot of assays to succeed. That’s why by going into work routine step-by-step we insert into ourselves a belief that we can be smarter, more powerful, settled and better…
You can’t have belief on-the-cuff! It will be rather self-confidence to build up! That’s not the same. Painstaking labor, education, respect for everyone beside us, and your work analysis are going to bring to you that same BELIEF! There is nothing that’s stronger. You can do everything with the belief. Just believe in that and work hard.