It is no secret that only healthy competition can bear result, increase skills of opponents, thus yielding new techniques and solutions to various problems, situations and tasks. The brain is constantly at work, in movement, searching and improving. Such an environment of constant completion can produce a good professional player, a great specialist in their field, and a good referee as well. Competition should always be present and it should be natural. Everything artificial is tinsel and trumpery, but one can only achieve results in healthy competitive environment, otherwise one arrests their progress and professional development, and looks for outer enemies, following illusions, being not able to achieve the goal.
Of course, you can get immediate results using other ways, but in most cases it will be temporary. It is not worth spending so much effort, energy and time to go back to where you have started from. You have to adopt a strategy, be positive and move forward without stepping on one’s toes, because otherwise you might be treated the same one day. If you are a competent and sensible person, you will surely be able to remember many honored, experienced people say the same thing. Even if the road to success is longer and more difficult, no one will be able to reproach you for not having gone it yourself. The most important thing is to prove yourself. You have to prove the correctness of your choices. In competition the teacher’s guidance, senior fellows’ and colleagues’ advice is a must and it will always be of great help on the way to the goal.
This is also confirmed by a biological experiment carried out in one of the nature reserves where a small territory was fenced so that it was inaccessible for wild animals and favorable conditions for plants were created. The outcome of this experiment was surprisingly negative! Weeds destroyed many cultivated plants that grew in the area. Why? The answer is simple: wild animals and insects feed on cultivated plants as well as on weeds and thus created natural conditions for their growing together. This example vividly illustrates that, creating artificial environment, we drive ourselves into a corner by our own decisions and deeds and limit our development prospects. Then we have to start it all over, “reinvent a bicycle”, and remember the things that we neglected. That is why it is impermissible for us to lose, disvalue and misuse the experience accumulated by our teachers.
Competition is useful and necessary for all. Even if you do not win in this game, make the right conclusions: you have a chance to win next time. Do the right analysis. The life is not over. The goal has to be achieved, even if it happens later than you expect. If you systematically and continuously work for it, you will finally reach your goal. You have to aspire to it. Believe in yourself and you will succeed!