Accurate pass is one of the most basic tricks in basketball. Offensive efficiency and even victory depends on right and lettered pass execution. Pass is a basis and painstaking labor in the process of its digestion. Training, development and perfection of this element require a lot of effort by coach and players. Perfect ability to pass gives player chance to build team play and bring self or team co-operation to the efficient conclusion.
Pass is a labor, shot is emotions. Everybody wants to take a shot; everyone looks at finishing phase of offense, at the rim, which attracts everyone. But not many people understand that perfect pass is a guarantee of made shot. Player, who takes a shot, doesn’t have to work the perfect pass up. If passer does his job ideally then shooter has to just catch the ball in ideal position and take the shot from his standard spot. There is no need to fade away, change control feet and loose balance for the shooter. The more actions player carries out to prepare a shot, the less opportunities he has to make it.
Pass is just like a transfer of information or information exchange thereby the ball. Good coaches make admonitions for the missed shots very seldom, but after an incorrect pass they are trying to show that bad pass is one of the reasons of misses and of narrowing down the necessary teamwork productivity. “Guilty player is not the one who couldn’t receive a pass, but who has made that pass”, that’s what coaches often say.
We can transfer it into officiating. There are a lot of actions which referee has to take in order to make the right decision, like moving, watching, controlling, etc. If preparing for the final decision is ideal then result of this decision will be conformable. A lot of people think that there is nothing difficult in making decision for referee, he only has to blow a whistle in time. Maybe they don’t know how much preparative job referee has to make in order to make the only right decision. How much labor and analysis have to be done, and how many affections and nervous energy have to be spent for a qualified work. Sometimes it’s enough just not to interrupt players with your decisions and redundant stops. Not to disturb players, coaches, teams, spectators in showing their best result is a huge work either. That’s why there is some draft-quality work in every profession, which is very important and leads out to the maximal result. This work is often not observed by everyone. But you can’t get a better result and required emotions without it. Emotions run our life. Result can be earned, having emotions by your side besides intension, abilities. Accumulating those things together and adding emotional background with appropriate atmosphere we can make our goals come true. We can save an inside desire for the future work, recognizing some perspective and necessity in it.
Emotions are drive, rush, satisfaction, flight, euphoria, enjoyment, tremble in your body, happiness and love. Each and every one of us remembers some moments, which we want to repeat and feel one more time. Emotions generate our movement, they are like a drug, which we always need and can’t forget, having once tried it. It’s very important to spend your emotions in the right way, not burning and devastating yourself. We have to give our emotions the right direction and frugally spend them in order to feel ourselves comfortably in life.