A lot of people think that they are better, more deserving, educated, intelligent and stronger. Why are we giving to ourselves and our abilities a higher rate? The answer lies rather on surface. But actually everything is more complicated. Answers and reasons are deep inside us. They are in our brain, consciousness, behavior, etc.
We have unlearned to correctly rate our abilities and strengths, that’s where our misfortune and failure come from. Our abilities are inflated mostly by us ourselves. Sometimes young person is not easy to come to real self because he consists of pathos and omniscience aureole. He knows everything and asks not to interrupt him, while completely consisting of complexes. He can’t behave himself naturally, ordinarily because the chosen behavior style doesn’t let him do this. He opens up and converses only with those who can give him additional bonus, rate, which he depends on. Others are just looked down on. Not much sincerity is there, so person can’t give himself a real rate. People who can objectively rate, give an advice, teach but don’t have some strength and power are not considered there. People from above know and understand more, they have higher appointment, so they are more intelligent – that’s today’s philosophy.
But very often reality is not the same. People who work hard and don’t advertise themselves can give and prompt you a lot more. They see some things in profile, deeply. They see the insincerity and work with those who really need their advice. The price of their advice is high. They don’t just tell the truth but prompt some weapons and methods to make your work perfect and, of course, give more attention to your positive moments. The most important thing is that it would be truly and selflessly. The way to thank them is up to you. Surprisingly, sometimes it’s enough to just thank them and show some respect.
Sometimes young people corner themselves just by reprobating themselves for their mistakes. They think they have no dignity, abilities, etc. Some idea-work should be done with that group of people. Firstly, you need to inculcate strength and certainty in them. But to do that, young guy has to believe in you and in his own self. Not once, making some mistakes in the career and life, they come up with a total aloofness. Pedagogic abilities, tutor’s desire and everyday training are needed to bring the young guy back and give him self-certainty. Only constant, system work can open up the “passive reserve of certainty” in young guy with a low self-rating. They can reach high results then, but the right help and backing are needed.
It is very important to understand that up-to-the-minute result, which youngsters are looking for, is often temporal. For sure, that would be hard to repeat it. But result, born in labor, collective work, trainings with tutor, gives assuredness and self-accomplishment feeling for the rightly chosen way and profession. It brings the honor and estimation to your teachers because they are privy to your success. Of course it means the tolerance, labor, sorrow and work. Up-to-the-minute result is like a scoop in casino. You take it and lose then. It comes off quickly. Then they can only say, that you WERE perspective some time ago.
The biggest talent human has is a hard-working talent! Perspectiveness never beats work, exertion and labor. It was proved a lot of times. That’s why only labor gives you the way to success and result. Labor-rate will come itself.