Even a puny inconsiderable progress in your work of controlling feelings and ability to be glad of inconsiderable success can be regarded as small victory. It means that your abilities, wishes, plans, projects are coming into real actions. Therefore you are on the right road to your goal. It is necessary to continue moving in that direction.
Ability to control your fears, feelings, weaknesses, laziness, incertitude and self-distrust is a prior problem in psychological preparatory process on the phase of personality conformation of young referee. The faster referee sets himself on correct, positive, assertive guidelines of his work, the earlier he gets a result. It is important to head young referee to the right direction from square one. It is necessary not to tick over, to study with a cut-and-try method, but to concorporate tutor’s practical knowledge with young referee’s wish.
With the help of analysis, video materials, self-work, self-perfection of different preparation aspects: theoretical, practical, psychological, physical, and lettered help of leading, experienced colleagues it is possible to set up high goals and reach them. Supposing that small result doesn’t fix your goals and is not observed by anyone, you can be misdirected. Those who care will be glad at your victories and success even insignificant ones. Great result and success is built of them. Learn to rejoice at every positive result.
Not so long ago you can remember your affection, jittering in the beginning of the game and your bother about forthcoming game situations. Now you start the game patiently, control game process and everything else, and representatively talk to coaches, team managers, players. You have stretched well, have had a full pregame discussion and come into the game more sedately. You see all the fouls and violations, you stay patiently and tranquilly, you have good gestures, signals; cooperation gives you more confidence in game management, you’re in control of all the playing patterns and behavior of players and coaches. Maybe those moments are inconsiderable but a lot of arguable moments are coming up in the game because of referees’ unpreparedness and carelessness. In the beginning of the game they are: wrong playing direction, wrong amount of players, absence of time controller’s signal, wrong ball possession etc.
Tutor’s task is to show in theory and then practically significance and price of every moment of the ballgame from arrival to the court and carrying out of pregame discussion with colleagues and commissioner. Every act has its significance and price. If it works for good result and benefit, for making game’s tasks resolved, and for the team spirit, then it will be positively reflected on the game itself and on the climate inside the referees’ team. Settled connections, stereotypes, motive coherences, theoretical and practical acquirements will be formed in young referee’s mind, which, in turn, is going to be shaped in game practice. It is very important for referee to feel the correctness of chosen method, which surely fetches him to the future victories and success.
Success in referee’s work comes very peacefully in comparison with players’ and coaches’ one. It is so because supreme mark of referee’s job is composure in the game and absence of protests on game result. This is a success, a supreme mark of quality, objectivity and professional level of officiating. This is a victory of referee. Not referee, but team of referees. If one of them officiated badly then the whole team did not manage the game, and if he officiated well then the whole team has done everything for a success and their own victory and contention.
Every victory and success comes only with realization that a colossal labor, patience, self- and teamwork were exerted. Victories come to those who believe in their strength. It’s like a catalyst of our inner activities. You can reach a lot if you realize that you can do that. Believe in yourself. Your first victories and success only confirm the correctness of a chosen way. You have got to simply work and believe then everything will come off!