Very often we don’t pay enough attention to the potty details. Sometimes we don’t even think about that, even though there are no trifles in our life. Sometimes we forget even to say some thank words for the things that were made for us. Words like “thanks”, “sorry” are elementary on the first sight, but we hear them very seldom today. Often we don’t pay attention to trifles, which are made for us by our colleagues, teachers, and parents. But often it’s enough to say “thanks” and they would be pleased because something that they made for us has come available.
“Thanks” is a sign of attention, our gratitude for help. We don’t have to specially wait or look for a motive to thank. Try to say that word more often. Don’t forget about that. We have to thank our tutors only because they bring us into basketball or officiating. They, more or less, have spotted our future profession, our life.
Talking about thanks we have to remember one ecclesial proverb, where Jesus Christ has met ten eyeless. He came to them and asked about their life desire. Eyeless asked to bring back their eyesight. Jesus has put their prayer through and they went off. And only one of them came back to say “thanks”. Jesus asked:
-There were ten to cure. Where are other nine? Vade in peace. Your belief saves you.
It is a simple and demonstrative example of people rejoicing at help but forgetting to thank. They accept it as a tribute. It mostly depends on self-culture, education, nurture and intellect level.
Nothing will happen with you if you thank for a little things made for you. It will show that you are not apathetic to the actions which are made to you.
Say “thanks” and you will have an opportunity to be thanked for your actions by other people. Say “thanks” with great emotions, joy, self-positive and sincerity.