Game assignment brings to you either joy, satisfaction, positive emotions or malice, envy, perplex and frustration. So just think about it philosophically, understanding the situation that you are in.
The easiest thing is to resent everybody. When umbrage and anger go before professionalism that’s a sign that you won’t be able to reach your objective. Problem is in you, your behavior, activity, progress, personality, interest and attitude to your work.
Of course, there are some subjective moments that we can’t get along. Your life is not finished after a certain tournament, competition or season. Everything is ahead and you are going to get your games, victories and finals if your work is consistent. The most important thing is not to let down, not to break down internally. It is necessary to move forward and believe in yourself.
After getting the assignment don’t be fixated on your certain position, which is crew chief or “just a referee”. A lot of times official lets down, starts to criticize himself or the scheme, looking at his surname going third in the assignment. Regardless the assignation you have to be in a team and not alone from everybody. You have to be in trio, not being the third. Three of you have the same rights and only crew chief has more charges. There is no place for envy. If you officiated badly then the team worked bad and if it was well then referees were a good team. That’s what’s really important.
Be a member of team, active participant of referee’s work and not an outside spectator. Work hard and prove your qualification by the attitude to job. There is no need showing your activity by blowing all the whistles yourself, just remember that your violation and foul will come to you itself. If you haven’t made a call through the first minutes of the game, that doesn’t mean you are not working – game just goes in that direction. Your help is required only when the game needs it.
You have to be able to help at any time, even by insignificant gesture, face mime, eye, signal, body etc. You have the whole game for work. You have to be concentrated, motivated, positively angled and then your team will be successful. And nobody will know who was a crew chief. A team was on the floor. You have to just believe in that.