Basketball is a game, the part of our life, packed in time and space! There are created special conditions for all participants in the process during the games. In the professional activity many people live the new experience of relations with themselves and others. During the game we receive a lot of theoretical knowledge, practical skills and habits, which will be used by others, too, and used in their own practice. In the process of systematic work professionally and personally grow all participants, and those, who learn, and those, who teach.
In our case, we examine professional job of basketball referee, study his career growth, his progress and problematic moments in the process of preparation, how he improves his performance to succeed further.
What aims we must set before ourselves? To create conditions, under which any referee can understand his job from within, working with players, coaches and other people during the games, i.e. under stressful conditions, in conflict situations, at problematic moments, and also learn skills, methods of psychological relaxation, once game is over.
It is important to note that, without advance thinking about stresses and as years go by, any referee may face so-called psychoemotional burning out, i.e., the exhaustion of nervous system may occur, the loss of forces, poor sleep or its disturbances, injuries, headaches, fears before future work, and even small mental disorders.
For normal control of emotions and in order to avoid such boundary states and situations it is necessary:
— to manage the signs of psychoemotional professional burning out;
— to know a reason of these signs;
— to know how to use methods and approaches of aid for himself and for colleagues in such situations;
— to know what to do, when this process of burning out has already developed;
— to know how to help young colleagues in the situations of professional stress, conflict.
For the productive work and good result it is necessary to know psychological states and difficulties, which appear when referees do their job. One of the basic problems concerns the fact that the young or inexperienced referee usually absorbs more stressful and negative information from participants of the game, uses it, and passes it further and assumes it very closely to himself.
Finally we collect negative moments in the memory and this leads to fears, wrong decisions, feeling of guilt – and referee begins to push himself down. Occurs “the phenomenon of psychological infection”, i.e., our referee absorbs negative emotions in the game, and thus, he infects himself “by [emotional] infection”. So the relevant “pills” for unblocking it are in need.
The aid of colleagues and commissioners is extremely necessary.
But aid does not mean just analyzing facts and moments over and over again, but it primarily means to show that we together will do with it! It is necessary to push referee from such situations and to prepare him for further work, but only by means of positive thinking, to help him solve stressful problems.
Analyzing the work of psychologists in sport, we can say that conflicts and stress situations are not something to fear, and it is only necessary to know how to handle them constantly. Early psychoemotional burning out during referees’ work, professional activity, is a price for the nonprofessional preparations. Referees mustn’t be given chances to spend emotions for nothing. This leads referees to stress, and to negative emotions and even to the loss of job, of all positive emotions, of connection with his self and with others. Referee mustn’t overload himself by overworking, by absorbing stresses and conflicts and incorrectly analyzing them after game. In order for him to save himself and to reduce negative factors to minimum it is necessary to constantly analyze officiating with experienced referees and commissioners and psychologists.
Some aspects of this psychological work:
1) To learn how to remove stress, to use relaxations procedures, to learn how to enjoy your job.
2) Constant exchange of experiences with commissioners and instructors.
3) Creation of strategic purposes and tasks for reaching the result through the positive approach.
4) Professional contact with the partners, exchange of experiences.
5) To increase confidence in the professional activity, to learn how to believe in himself. To be confident!
6) To study the style of the work of all participants in the game, their behavior.
7) To know how to recognize the first signs of psychological burning out in his activity. These are: stress, nervousness and uncertainty in the actions. The desire not to be separated, to be behind the back of partners in difficult moments of game, the difficulty in acknowledging his own errors, the closed nature, the desire to be alone –such features are also undoubtedly telling.
8) To confirm correctness in the selection of profession (job).
9) Feedback from participants in the process of education and improvements.
One must clearly understand just how important not to stress oneself or highlight conflict situations in the game, but to study its consequences afterwards instead!
Stress situations in the game cannot be avoided, but to learn how to correctly handle them is in our hands! Stress certainly includes all whistles, each solution of referee! Someone always finds it wrong! Stress is a reaction of man to the emotional, excessive, and aggressive actions. Doctors say that stress is a reason almost for all illnesses.
There are three stages of stresses, conflict situations: the beginning of conflict, conflict as itself and its decoupling — effect on the total solution. For the referee perhaps the most important is the third stage — decision making and reaction to it. If referee is confident in his solution, albeit under pressure it has been made, then everything goes within normalcy, and referee manages (handles) the stress. But sometimes it may happen that even experienced referee could not manage the conflict. And, due to many reasons, in the last phase of conflict situation… stress does occur. But still it is important here not to collect stress effects!
It is very important to understand that the problem here not with the work, but with you! It is necessary to return, and as fast as possible, satisfaction from your own job, actions and behavior on the court, feeling of confidence, and desire to work!
And try to move further in the right professional way, clearly realizing strong points as well as errors, and only through positive thinking! Good luck!