GAME REFEREE REPORT (referee feedback)

Presentation: Dress, general personal appearance, readiness to referee. (10 points)
Fitness: Physically, fit, runs easily, maintains same pace throughout game. (10 points)
Mechanics: Floor coverage (off-ball penetration, transition, continuous movement), free-throw administration, T-foul, counts (5, 8 sec.), toss, freeze as official not calling foul. (10 points)
Signals: According FIBA rules, clear, high and in front of the eyes, standing still, visible to all, deliberate, communicative. (10 points)
Fouls: Advantage – disadvantage, charge/block situations, moving screens, use of hands, post play, protected the shooter, used common sense. (15 points)
Violations: Advantage – disadvantage (travel, etc.), basket interference (offence/defense). (10 points)
Cooperation with partner: worked as team, visual contact, helped partner (identify the free-throw shooter, validate/cancel basket, etc.) co-operated on T-foul. (10 points)
Game control: Anticipate problems, made crucial call, demonstrated courage and consistency. (10 points)
Overall performance: Courage, knowledge of the game, consistency feeling for the game, reaction to difficult situations. (10 points)
Discipline: Attitude, working spirit. (5 points)
Total (max.): 100 points.


QUESTIONS (game control, teamwork, play calling, mechanics)

  1. What was your opinion about the game you have just officiated?
  2. What was your opinion about the teamwork during the game?
  3. What was your opinion about your personal officiating during the game?
  4. If you had to referee the game again would you do anything different?

Dmitriev Fedor

Referee FIBA